Must-See at Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires cannot leave the visitor indifferent. The shopping queen of Latin America also offers old neighborhoods full of atmosphere, with romantic restaurants and a very intense nightlife. The European heritage of the Argentinean capital is reflected in its architecture, impressive boulevards and parks. Buenos Aires is the second largest city on the South American continent despite the provincially calm atmosphere that pervades the city. Each neighborhood has its own unique atmosphere and this is what makes this capital so interesting for the visitor who wants to discover it. It's a city that offers many tourist attractions that are well worth seeing, starting with Palermo, the largest and liveliest in Buenos Aires. We love to wander the streets of this trendy place in the capital where it is customary to relax on the terrace of a café or restaurant to enjoy the special atmosphere that reigns there. Palermo is also the most festive district of the Argentinean capital. Indeed, locals are used to meeting in a bar before going to dance in a "boliche" where the Latin atmosphere is on the program. For many visitors, La Boca is the most beautiful part of the city. Famous for its colours and designs, it is also where the famous football stadium called "la Bombonera" is located. It is said that the atmosphere during the matches is really unique. In the lively streets of this neighbourhood, you can admire Tango and music shows from the terraces of the bars and restaurants. However if this district is a pure wonder to be discovered during the day, it is not recommended to venture there at night because its frequentation is dangerous. Many places in the capital are worth a visit and it is not easy to make the choice especially if you do not have too much time. The favorite also goes to the Théâtre Colon which is probably the most beautiful opera house in Latin America and which can seriously compete with the Parisian operas. You will be able to come and admire shows there at unbeatable prices. There are even free performances on Sundays. For music lovers, on certain occasions, the orchestra of the theater has the habit of giving free concerts in the city.
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