Horseback riding and horse treks in Argentina

Argentina is known the world over for its wide open spaces ideal for horseback riding, but above all for its untamed nature and almost desert landscapes. This region is certainly the ideal destination for lovers of equestrian adventures and trekking. Are you planning to go there to live an extraordinary experience? First of all, you will have to prepare your trip well.

The must-see sites during your hike!

In Argentina, you'll still find cowboys riding their horses strutting down the beaten track far from the world, like Lucky Luke! If you enjoy unforgettable trekking experiences then this is definitely the country to go to for a holiday. With its cactus deserts littered with pink mountains (Atacama) not to mention its Andes (in Pantacama) always sprinkled with eternal snow, this land of fire has all the qualities to satisfy lovers of adventure and horseback riding. Horse riding is a must in this vast country, thanks to the reputation of the famous gaucho riders or the estancias which have become legends for a whole nation. Here are then some circuits and ideas of courses which will help you to organize your hike: . From Salta to Estancia Finca Valentina to discover a unique landscape and an atypical local cuisine. . From Bariloche to Estancia Peuma Hue for nature lovers, discovery and ecotourism. . From El Calafate to Estancia Nibepo Aike to strut your stuff in the most beautiful regions of the country for days on end. In addition to the organisation of the places and routes to be completed, horse equipment and riding accessories will have to be obtained. These materials are intended to guarantee your safety, but also your comfort when riding a horse.

The equipment for horse riding

Like any sportsman, the rider puts his body to the test during the practice of the activity so, you will have to equip yourself with the appropriate riding equipment to be sure to enjoy an enriching, successful and above all safe experience. To begin, get protective accessories such as helmets and bombs, safety vests, sunglasses or goggles, riding gloves according to your level. As far as clothing is concerned, it must be adapted not only to the practice of horseback riding, but also to the season. As Argentina is a warm climate country, light and compact riding clothing is ideal. In addition to clothing, there are also other accessories to wear to complete the riding outfit: special boots and boots, riding pants or jeans, chaps or mini-chaps, polo shirt and shirt, jacket and fleece, etc.

Essential accessories

In addition to the appropriate clothing and equipment for riding, there are also certain accessories that you must absolutely bring along on your horseback ride. These will be useful in your daily life, in a particular case or in a given region, whatever the case, you must have them at your disposal: . A scarf or a headscarf to protect yourself from wind, dust or sand. . A windbreaker or a raincoat with an inside pocket to put your electronic devices in in case of rain, not to mention warm clothes for the evenings. . A toiletry kit containing everyday objects: lip balm (to prevent dehydration), sun cream, Swiss Army knife and torch. . A gourd is optional, but can be used for Since you are flying to a faraway and foreign country, remember to bring your toiletries, your swimsuit, your first-aid kit and a comfortable sleeping bag (mattress, pillow...). Finally, it will also be necessary to note the necessary equipment for the horse. Since it will be your travel company, you are the guarantor of its comfort and safety. So think about buying the equipment for your noble steed: net and rein, saddle to ride and its accessories, care for its leather, back shock absorber, kidney covers, blankets, hats and shirts, protection ... Horse accessories are numerous on the market. It's up to you to discover the equipment that will serve you best!
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