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Argentina has many faces, some of them unknown to the classic tourist circuits. A country of all controversies, one thinks of its sparkling turquoise lakes, majestic mountains or the Iguazú Falls. These dream destinations make you want to travel and commune with nature. An ordinary travel agency will propose to tourists itineraries that have already been seen and reviewed many times. In order to get off the beaten track, we opt for a tailor-made trip that really meets expectations. It will be a question of planning an authentic stay where small disappointments will have no place.

What is meant by a tailor-made trip?

More and more travellers, who are adept at independent travel, are naturally turning to tailor-made trips. They are looking for new sensations, unique and above all authentic stays. Travelling through a traditional tourist circuit, boredom easily sets in and tourists face a heavy monotony. This will not be the case with a tailor-made tour since you have organized the stay weeks in advance with local agents. This is the ultimate advantage of this tourist niche. Moreover, this movement is becoming more and more popular among the general public. People want a trip to Palagonia that goes against the familiar travel patterns. The aim is to selectively personalize offers according to the clients' wishes. They are put in contact with local stakeholders who offer them a range of activities, choice of accommodation and numerous à la carte amenities.

How to prepare a tailor-made trip to Argentina?

A tailor-made trip is prepared in advance and requires a certain amount of involvement on the part of the subscribers. It is not simply a matter of subscribing to a travel offer and waiting for the day to come. Travellers have a role to play in the organization and choice of the type of stay they wish to have. Depending on individual tastes, there are sports, cultural, unusual or ecological trips. It is therefore essential to determine the details of the project in order to be able to agree on the budget to be allocated. Crowds and groups of tourists are the main ingredients that make a trip bland. By choosing a destination like Argentina, you prefer to travel at your own pace and organize personalized activities without having to worry about schedules. By meeting with the person in charge of the organization of the trip, you will take the opportunity to formulate your personal wishes and desires. He will propose visits that are likely to be of interest to you.

What are the must-see destinations to visit in Argentina?

A tailor-made trip to Argentina always attracts more and more curious people. If you are planning to visit Argentina and soak up its values, then a stopover in Buenos Aires is a must. A city of passions and vibrant colours, Buenos Aires is a testament to Argentina's history and traditions. It is home to emblematic monuments such as the portrait of Evita Perón and the famous Pink House. Otherwise, you may be seduced by the wide open spaces of palagonia. When venturing into the heart of the city, you may come across some unique and atypical places. Hidden from the passing circuits, there are restaurants, cafés-theatres and secret gardens full of mystery. Moving towards the border between Brazil and Paraguay, you face a monumental spectacle. The Iguazú Falls offer a majestic perspective on a breathtaking natural setting. Ranked among the wonders of the world, a glance at the falls reveals the beauty of a wilderness of a thousand and one colours. Lost in the northwest of the country, an arid, almost inhospitable region is home to all kinds of buildings with singular infrastructures.
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